Light Up the World (LUTW)

Light Up the World (LUTW) is a Canadian non-profit organization focused on the principle that access to energy changes lives. We bring solar electricity to families living off-grid through community projects, training and educational workshops, and our social enterprise. Light and access to energy is just the beginning: It enables education, saves money, brings economic opportunities, and improves health conditions as people stop using toxic and inflammable sources of lighting. LUTW has a very unique academic partnership program which combines travelling and volunteering that we run with the top leading schools and universities from Alberta and Canada (NAIT, SAIT, University of Calgary, Rundle College, etc). Canadian students are travelling with us to countries where we have projects. It is a personal life-changing experience, as it is a volunteer work, but also a professional training as they get hands-on experience installing solar systems in medical clinics, schools and homes where people live without light. They bring energy access and with that health, education and opportunities to communities living in darkness making the world a brighter place. For more information about LUTW or upcoming volunteer trips, click here:

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